I'm sorry, I can't do it..


Dear Allah.. i'm sorry.. I can't stand anymore.. its too tough here.. i afraid i'm getting fall because of too much rough in my way..way to getting the best in my life. Allah, i do this to my family, parents.. I want to give all my best to them. But finally i realised.. i'm here only to failed them. I'm not able to sustain..

I realised, i'm just wasting my time here. In a simple words, Im not qualified to be here.. I work hard for it, but i  got nothing. Dear God, look at me now. I'm a weakest ever person. But i don't have right at all to questioning you what have you gave to me. You know it well. Again, i'm weak. How long this would happened to me..

Today is my worst day. I cried too much. Like a child. I weak. Please make me strong. Make it easier Ya Allah. I'm doing this to my family, for my umi and abah.. Please give me strength that could heal the wound, can wipe my tears. honestly, i lost in this match..

Dear mom, i'm really sorry for not giving u my best. I did my best already. But luck is not on my side. I'm really sorry mom..

Dear bestfriends, thanks for lending me your shoulder. You are the one who know how weak i am. You never leave me behind. i love u.

Dear friends, please don't make me weaker than this. Give me support, not fall me down. please thought me to be strong.. 

Dear friend, i'm sorry cos i'm hiding too much about myself from you. I have told you. I'm a complicated person. You might be frust, get bored with me. thats why i'm not telling you any single things happened to me. i don't want you to know me actually.. U will lose your patience one day if u know me well. I'm sorry..

Dear Allah.. please make me strong.. i live only for YOU, for my umi, abah and family.. 

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