Don't Be Sad. Allah's sustenance is NEAR ^^


I woke up from a long comfortable napping. I was asleep actually. Apparently i still worried if i missed my isya prayer. Alhamdulillah, managed to complete it.

It has been months, or ages i did not perform tahajjud. Not humiliating myself, I'm trying to be honest in this post. Just wanna share something about life, tests, conflicts, problems n all kind of difficulties.

Maybe me, n other people out there, still confused in whatever things they faced in their life, think u had a very miserable life, u are out if everybody's attention, everything you felt were not right and list goes on...

My dear friends, i was at the place u were standing.. maybe our life conflicts never same.. you might say, you re the unluckies person in earth, u were faced a bigger problem than anyone in this world.

My dear buddy.

I wanna ask u. Who created you? And for what purpose u were created? Who is bigger, ALLAH S.W.T or your problems?

Still didn't get the answer? Here are my advices. (From my 2 cents).

We were created to worship ALLAH S.W.T for our entire life.

We might facing a lot of problems.. But ALLAH still bigger than all of our problem. He testing us with a reason behind it. In other words, WE DESERVED IT. All of difficulties to educate us to be a better person, slave.

I have read a phase. sounds : "What so beautiful the life if it didn't comes together with storm(tests)."

Trust that ALLAH's sustenance is near..

Think that we were faced a lot smaller than what Syrians, Afghanistans and all our Muslims relatives out there who were faced of course BIGGER tests than us. For a second, think. I'm begging myself too.

Just ask help from Allah.. Allah's help is near, my friends.. never give up.. trust Allah.. He knows what's best for you. Think of it..

May we become near and nearer to Allah, our creator. May Allah bless this post and guide me, all of us to be a lot better than what we are today.. May we together in Jannah, amin ya rabbal alamin..


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